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Reviews + Safety

Staples Electric is a client rated "A" company with over 600 reviews from the major review and referral sites such as Angies list, Consumer reports and Nextdoor.  And we're not about reviews nor typically ask for one.  The most important part of a job is making sure the job is code compliant.   Read our about page and check us out on review sites!  Our satisfaction is taking care of clients thru improvements and knowledge.  The National Electric Code (NEC) is the only guideline for a safe and code compliant installation that is essential to follow.  Regardless if your job is residential, commercial or industrial there are 1000's of articles to follow to ensure a safe installation.  This is why you shouldn't use an unqualified individual to work on your project!  Someone just saying "yeah, I can do that" isn't good enough.  You wouldn't let your electrician work on your teeth...  Nor should you allow your dentist work on your electrical system, nor a painter, nor a handyman,  Whether it's a main electrical panel, a breaker, circuit, lighting, even down to installing outlets,  there are a ton of nuances to follow where only an electrician can check current wiring and safety standards. While one might initially save money using a painter to install lighting, and we see 90%+ of  those installations are wrong and has to be redone ,,,, therefore costing more money. Give s a shout to help you out ... :) 

Check these sites out

- Home safety and Electrical Code

 - Schneider Electric's site on code compliance!  

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