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At Staples Electric, your safety and peace of mind in the heart of your home are our absolute top priorities. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and safety. You can trust we will go the extra mile to complete each project with the utmost care and unparalleled expertise. 

Here's what you can expect during your project:

  1. Your home will be a construction zone: Please be prepared for your home to be in a construction state while work is in progress.

  2. Potential wall/ceiling openings: To create access points, there may be instances where walls or ceilings need to be opened. Will be determined onsite.

  3. Sheetrock dust: While we aim to maintain organization, some normal sheetrock dust is expected. We offer plastic coverings to help mitigate this. 

  4. Rough patch service: We provide a "rough patch" to disturbed areas, however, significant repairs or reconstruction may result  in additional charges.

  5. Relocate valuables: We recommend relocating any valuable items or delicate possessions in the work areas. 

  6. Lifetime warranty on labor: Rest assured, we offer a lifetime warranty on our labor, but please note that it does not cover manufacturer defective items. 

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