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Electrical Home Safety 

Every year, electrical products are associated with injuries, deaths, and fires in homes. The following checklist is used to spot possible safety problems before they occur.  Staples Electric provides a bi-annual service to check and verify these concerns with this checklist.  Below is a room-by- room guide and used to identify and follow up on safety concerns. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission staff recommends inspecting electrical products in your home every six months. Each time you move into a home or change your clocks is the perfect time to check your smoke alarms, perform this checklist and perform other safety related checks.  Staples Electric also checks out the main panel for signs of water or other issues such as faulty wiring.  We'll check the grounding and bonding to verify electrical system ground is code compliant.  Most areas in the USA, motor vehicles have to go thru an inspection yearly!  Why not your home?   Contact us today to setup a Home Safety Checkout!   

Download Guide here:                                     CPSC recommends a safety check every 6 months.  

In All Rooms


Lights, Portable Electric Heating Equipment, Three Prong Adapters, Electrical Cords, Electric Outlets, and Switches, Outlets with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters.


In the Kitchen


Counter Top Appliances, Large Appliances,


In All Bathrooms


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, Small Electrical Appliances.


In All Bedrooms


Electric Blankets


In Basement, Garage, and Work Areas


Fuse Box, Circuit Breaker Box


Outside of Your Home


Outlets, Electrical Garden Tools, Extension Cords Used Outdoors Pools and Spas

* We'll go thru the list and check off each item and extend a copy to the home homeowner.


Set Up a Safety Check Today!

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