Main panel Replacements

Electrical panels serve two purposes – to provide electricity and safety. However, many homeowners may find it difficult to determine if they need an electrical panel upgrade or replacement. Old electrical panels can be expensive to maintain or upgrade.


Ultimately, safety for your family comes first. Here are some things you should consider about replacing the electrical panel in your home.

Generally speaking, electrical panels will last  years. Age is not always a primary concern when looking at an electrical panel replacement. Some electrical panel brands are inherently faulty and need replacement with newer electrical panels that meet modern safety standards.

Electrical panels that are undersized, at maximum circuit capacity, or lack UL safety standards need updating or replacement regardless of age. 

Replacement of an old panel will allow for your home to get a consistent supply of electricity thanks to the new electrical panel. You will be able to install more appliances without tripping your breaker, blowing fuses, or harming existing appliances, which will not only solve the issues with flickering lights but also burned-out appliances.