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About Us

Welcome to Staples Electric LLC! We appreciate your consideration and truly look forward to working with you on your next electrical project!

Our main focus and highest priority here at Staples Electric is safety. When it comes to doing electrical work, it’s very important all aspects of the job are executed and completed to the highest degree.

We strongly believe we should all consider safety for our well-being. A safe installation includes code compliance following the NEC. The NEC (National Electrical Code) is a handbook for code compliant installations, which we abide by for each and every one of our clients. This compliance encompasses homeowners insurance and protects our client’s property investments.  If your electrical system is not in code compliance and an issue arises and property is damaged or someone inquired, they have the right to refuse claim. 

There’s no excuse for substandard work. We daily come across many homes that have electrical work done by a non-licensed person. Many times the costs are a fraction of the actual costs of a licensed and insured professional however, 9/10 times the work is not completed correctly, nor safely for anyone's well-being.

At Staples Electric, we provide complimentary onsite, or virtual, estimates to discuss all aspects of your projects, answer any of your questions and ensure we setup expectations accordingly. We cost projects as reasonably as possible for the most safely and efficiently executed job.

We welcome you to reach out to us directly at our main office line (703) 349-6752 or email us through our online page for more information on our services and to get you setup for your next electrical project.

Talk to you soon!

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