When to use an Electrician.

When to use an electrician?  Always and for any electrical device replacement or repair!  We get asked or hear a lot of people say "I'll do outlets myself" or my painter installed a light or my kitchen guy installed cabinets but we didn't check the electrical system.  Meanwhile the microwave is on a circuit with lower capacity than it should be and with the lights and the kitchen has no gfi outlets on the counter tops.  Or a bathroom is upgraded and the old 15 amp bathroom circuit that's tied in with the garage and exterior outlets was NOT upgraded to a 20 amp dedicated circuit.  There are very many nuisances when doing electrical work and most general people are not aware about circuit loads or grounding or other types of code compliant situations.   

So... DO NOT LET AN UNLICENSED PERSON TOUCH ANY OF YOUR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM.  Period.  They might get something to work and it might be cheaper, but working isn't code compliance nor safe.  We've seen it time and time again, an unqualified person installs an outlet and there's no safety ground or a subpanel is wired wrong or a switch or outlet has no box, etc.  While it may seem easy at first appearance, there's a lot of knowledge that goes into just replacing an outlet.  Such as outlet type, requirements in spacing, loading.  If these efforts are not followed, you are in a safety hazard such as a shock potential, fire or component damage situation.